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Catalog of products available in our offer

Tecbi (Licencee of CMB Besana)

Glass processing machines and spare parts from CMB – Costruzioni Meccaniche Besana

Edging machines


Drilling machines

Machine availability and the possibility of manufacturing new units is available on request. Please contact us.

Spare parts

Genuine spare parts for CMB Besana machines available from stock or to order. To place an order, please contact us and provide the part code.


Automatic glass washers for flat glass and other materials such as polyethylene, steel and marble from leading Italian manufacturer TRIULZI. A constantly evolving range of washers since 1952.

Vertical washing machines open or closed on top, entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel. Customizable with options on request

To wash and dry any glass surface and/or other material, from the smallest size 45x45mm up to the big-sized ones.

Special washing lines for other materials, such as: polyethylene, steel and marble. 100% customized systems

Oberlin Filter Company

For over 55 years the Oberlin Filter Company has been guided by the principle: Make Filtration Systems that Really Work. We have an excellent group of experienced engineers, salesmen, designers, welders, plumbers, electricians, servicemen, and laboratory technicians.


Lakma – a company group which consists of : – Lakma SAT, Lakma Strefa , Lakma Ltd and – POLLENA ASTRA.
Group has in each of the company’s an own technical possibilities: The production, research and development , marketing, distribution and logistics. The company specializes in the manufacture of products related to the construction and household chemicals and is one of the leaders in the market.