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Automated line for laminating glass

Special line for the production of laminated glass. The whole machines can be in-line, U-shaped and further customized according to the specific needs of the customer. Managed by PLC with touch screen, diagnostics and remote assistance, the line includes OVEN PRESS area, air transfer with suction cups and automatic plate preparation and coupling area.

Oven press section:
• opening 500 mm for inspection • infrared ray lamps • air convection system for Low-E-glass treatment • pressure speed adjustable from 0,5 to 8 m/min in function of the glass thickness to laminate • suitable to laminate big thickness tempered glass • possibility to laminate glass sheet with policarbonate sheet • possibility to laminate two pieces in parallel

Overhead assembly unit:
• suction cups made of special material against marks and suitable for Low-E glass • precision of assembly of laminate • steady frame suitable to pick up thick glass sheets

Laminating Line:
• automatic glass sheet preparation and assembling section • possibility to transfer small glass sheets with irregular shape with manual assembling • possibility to transfer 2 glass sheets in parallel with automatic assembling • possibility to transfer big glass sheets with assembling in automatic


Aligned plant for glass sheet of big sizes


High precision press for laminated glass, standard and irregular shapes


18 elements constitute this automatic line for the production of laminated glass.


The TRIULZI washing machines are entirely designed with CAD systems by our engineers and mechanical designers. Everything is under our control, from the smallest component to the stainless steel structure.


We guarantee delivery dates all over the world: by sea, by land or by air.

Technical specifications



Plant Working width
from 1600 up to 3400 mm [= 62.99 up to 133.86 in]
Easy inspection through automatic opening
Automatic opening up to 500mm [= 19.69 in]
Glass Width Max
from 1600 up to 3210 mm [= 62.99 up to 126.38in]
Glass Width Min
250 mm [= 9.84 in]
Glass Length Max
from 3210 up to 6000 mm [= 126.38 up to 236.22 in]
Glass Length Min
600 mm [= 23.62 in]
Raw Glass Thickness
2 mm [= 0.079 in]
Laminated Glass Thickness
80 mm [= 3.15 in]
Defective glass conveyor, Defective glass unloading table